Sparking Transformation

We are different  from other consultants. Our focus is to work with small to mid-
size businesses in implementing strategies based on lean principles to boost
competitiveness, profitability and growth. We listen, learn and develop solutions based

on your unique needs. Our associates are senior "hands on" individuals with a wealth of practicable experience, not just the theory, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our delivery approach is through the "learning by doing" method.  We do this in seven main ways:
  1. Assessing your current needs and capabilities
  2. Developing a comprehensive deployment plan
  3. Providing educational and practical training based on the "going to see" lean learning model
  4. Standardizing processes and measurements through rapid improvement (kaizens) workshops
  5. Implementing visual management systems
  6. Establishing a system of followup and checks based on the lean principles
  7. Working ourselves out of a job by making you self-sufficient

Your success is our measure of success.


We can spark the transformation you seek

Listen - Learn - Transform

In today’s challenging economic conditions, do you seek ways to improve efficiencies and grow profitability?