DPMG Corp. provides on-site customized training for organizations and has developed a series of public courses for individuals and organizations needing to enhance their knowledge in Lean and Continuous Business Improvement skills.

The following is a list of courses and available onsite-training provided by DPMG Corp. Click on them to learn more.

* Lean Principles & Waste Identification

* Green Business Process Mapping

* Level II - Value Stream Mapping

* Lean To Green Office & IT

* Practical Project Management

* Lean & Green IT

* Lean Principles To Sustainability

* PDCA/A3 Lean Problem Solving

* Organizing Systems - 7S Visual Workplace


Green Business Process Mapping

Business Process Mapping is one of the most important tools in identifying process improvement and green opportunity. In this 2 day interactive workshop participants will explore various process mapping tools and discuss the pros and cons of each. Participants gain hands-on experience with each mapping tool and will understand when to apply the tool. This hands-on workshop provides participants with the knowledge and experience necessary to start implementing mapping in an organization.



Value Stream Mapping

Once you have decided to become a Lean Organization, you will need an action plan. Value Stream Mapping is the tool of choice to help you decide where, and in what order, changes need to be implemented. Value Stream Mapping is a simple yet effective way of visually depicting the current situation and then the desired outcome with an improved flow of the operation. These before and after maps depict both physical movement and information flow required to make things happen. Value Stream Mapping works by showing the actual state of the business rather than the theoretical one. This 2 day course will show in detail how to develop both current state and future state and create Value Stream Maps (VSM) that will be needed to implement a true Lean Office.



Lean To Green Office

An organization familiar with lean will easily grasp green and sustainability. Lean works when individuals and teams throughout an organization start asking questions such as "How does this add value to the customer?" and, "How can we do this better?" Lean works when individuals and teams are encouragement to identify opportunities, investigate them, and implement improvements. Green and Sustainability works the same way — the only difference is the decision-making criteria. Rather than focusing on the economic customer, green and sustainability focuses on three bottom lines — profitability, people, and the planet. It focuses on the longer term, on life.

The key to moving from Lean to Green in service processes is recognizing the difficulty in seeing waste and in applying appropriate steps to reduce or eliminate it. This session focuses on introducing “Lean Thinking” as a methodology for identifying and eliminating non-value-added or wasteful elements in office and service operations.



Practical Project Management

This 2 day course is designed to teach participants the basic principles of good project management. Participants will learn how to identify and schedule project resources, create project schedules, and produce critical path planning and evaluation reports. These learning objectives are reinforced by a course project that allows participants to apply the principles and use the tools they learned.



Lean & Green IT

Every organization now faces the challenge of providing cost effective quality products and services, against a background of economic downturn, volatile energy costs and an obligation to the environment to reduce its carbon footprint. Organizations are increasingly looking towards its IT group to assist the organization to realize its objectives to becoming leaner and greener.



Lean Principles To Sustainability

Engage your employees in more effective work practices using Lean tools and save money by focusing on sustainability. At this workshop, benefit from industry examples, practical advice and hands-on exercises to reinforce concepts.



PDCA-A3 Lean Problem Solving

Problem Solving is the foundation of the Lean office. Continually improving requires continually solving problems - whether these are technical or recurring day-to-day problems. As a Lean tool, A3 reporting addresses the root causes of problems that arise every day at work. When used properly, the PDCA-A3 process dramatically increases the probability of success. Leading companies, such as Toyota, use the PDCA-A3 report to train their employees in a proven and structured problem-solving approach. This 3 day  course introduces participants to problem-solving frameworks, tools and techniques, and explores their practical application to common office problems.



Introduction to 7S

Customers, employees and suppliers can tell a well-run organization without a narrated tour. The visual clues are everywhere. Establishing simple visual controls is one of the most important elements of becoming a Lean and Green Enterprise. 7S reduces the opportunities to make errors and help highlight, at an early stage, potential delays and disruptions and drives an organization to becoming green at the grass root level.  7S is much more than ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. 7S comprises of seven principles to make people highly efficient, effective and greener in performing their doing work. This one day session will provide the participants with the principles of 7S.




Listen - Learn - Transform

In today’s challenging economic conditions, do you seek ways to improve efficiencies and grow profitability?