Lean To Green Office

An organization familiar with lean will easily grasp green and sustainability. Lean works when individuals and teams throughout an organization start asking questions such as "How does this add value to the customer?" and, "How can we do this better?" Lean works when individuals and teams are encouragement to identify opportunities, investigate them, and implement improvements. Green and Sustainability works the same way — the only difference is the decision-making criteria. Rather than focusing on the economic customer, green and sustainability focuses on three bottom lines — profitability, people, and the planet. It focuses on the longer term, on life.

The key to moving from Lean to Green in service processes is recognizing the difficulty in seeing waste and in applying appropriate steps to reduce or eliminate it. This session focuses on introducing “Lean Thinking” as a methodology for identifying and eliminating non-value-added or wasteful elements in office and service operations.

The Session is designed to:

Help participants define and understand the different types of waste that exist in a service-oriented environment and to provide a set of tools and methods which may be engaged to eliminate waste in office and service environment

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of Green and Sustainability
  • Understand Lean Principles and how they are applied to a service/office environment
  • Identify non-valued and waste activities that exist in a service/office environment
  • To apply Lean tools and method to effectively reduce cost and improve productivity drive an organization to becoming Green.
  • To organize work areas to reduce lost time and errors

Course Outline/Components

  1. Lean Principles
  2. The 8 plus 1 Types of Waste (Muda)
  3. The 4 Areas of Office Waste (Muda)
  4. Lean Tools and Methods
  5. Simulation and Wrap up