Lean & Green IT

Every organization now faces the challenge of providing cost effective quality products and services, against a background of economic downturn, volatile energy costs and an obligation to the environment to reduce its carbon footprint. Organizations are increasingly looking towards its IT group to assist the organization to realize its objectives to becoming leaner and greener.

The training is designed to:

Give the participants opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to implement Lean and environmentally sound practices, such as conserving power, reducing equipment needs, responsibly disposing of hazardous materials and equipment, and reducing an organization's carbon footprint. Participants will also learn how to develop and implement a companywide Lean and Green IT policy.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Lean Principles and how they are applied in an IT organization
  • Understand the definitions of ¬†Sustainability and Green
  • Understand what value means in a Lean & Green IT organization
  • Identify non-valued and waste activities that exist in an IT organization
  • Apply Lean & Green tools and method to effectively reduce energy cost and more IT to becoming green

Course Outline/Components

A. Introduction to Lean IT & Tools
B. Introduction to Sustainability and  Green IT
C. Steps to becoming Lean and Green IT
D. Lean& Green Implementation



Required Reading