Value Stream Mapping

Once you have decided to become a Lean Organization, you will need an action plan. Value Stream Mapping is the tool of choice to help you decide where, and in what order, changes need to be implemented. Value Stream Mapping is a simple yet effective way of visually depicting the current situation and then the desired outcome with an improved flow of the operation. These before and after maps depict both physical movement and information flow required to make things happen. Value Stream Mapping works by showing the actual state of the business rather than the theoretical one. This 2 day course will show in detail how to develop both current state and future state and create Value Stream Maps (VSM) that will be needed to implement a true Lean Office.

The training is custom-built to help managers:

  • Show the methodology of Value Stream Mapping
  • Demonstrate the nomenclature and standards
  • Describe how to segment the business activities to map
  • Show how to develop product/service families
  • Give instruction on data gathering
  • Show how to develop a Current State map
  • Show how to develop a Future State map

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the different symbols used for VSM
  • Develop current state maps
  • Categorize operations and make product matrices
  • Develop Future State Maps
  • Identify the different major elemental parts of a VSM
  • Use the VSM to identify needed Kaizen events
  • A step-by-step development of current and future state value stream maps
  • Link waste to cost savings
  • Know how VSM can be used to in improvement initiatives
  • Be able to recognize opportunities for improvement in the workplace

Course Outline/Components

A. Introduction to Value Streams
B. What is Value
C. Value Stream Map Icons
D. Identifying Waste
E. Creating a Current State Value Stream Map
F. VSM terminology
G. Creating a Future State VSM
H. Developing Deployment Plan