Practical Project Management

This 2 day course is designed to teach participants the basic principles of good project management. Participants will learn how to identify and schedule project resources, create project schedules, and produce critical path planning and evaluation reports. These learning objectives are reinforced by a course project that allows participants to apply the principles and use the tools they learned.

The training is design to:

  • Describe what project management is and discuss key elements of the project management framework
  • Develop management skills relevant for Lean and Six Sigma projects
  • Understand the elements that make good project scope management important
  • Describe the importance of project schedules and good project time management

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Set clear project goals and objectives
  • Develop a proper WBS
  • Strategically assign resources
  • Develop Project Schedules
  • Identify milestones
  • Use basic project management tools
  • Anticipate problems and plan accordingly

Course Outline/Components

A. Project Management Overview
B. Project Life Cycles
    a.  Initiate Project
    b.  Planning – Project Plan Development
    c.  7 Steps of Project Schedule Development
    d.  Project Execution & Control
    e.  Project Closure