What To Do When The Company Doesn’t Run As Smoothly As It Used To
March 16, 2023
The Future Is Now
June 15, 2023
What To Do When The Company Doesn’t Run As Smoothly As It Used To
March 16, 2023
The Future Is Now
June 15, 2023

Five Critical Success Factors for Any Organization

Over the years, we have found organizations need to institute certain practices to ensure the success of their operations. These factors may not guarantee success, but failure to use them in some fashion usually results in poor performance, lagging profits, and an unhappy and unmotivated workforce.

One client was a company in Japan. We pitched to the client why they should hire us and what we could do to help them. They seemed receptive and pleased with our presentation. 

They invited us out to dinner. Of course, we continued to sell ourselves to them over dinner.

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Then we went to a karaoke bar.

Have you ever been to a karaoke bar in Japan? Well, as we learned, as much as Japanese executives like to drink, they like to sing while they’re drinking. 

And they sing as much as they drink. 

I found myself standing to the side as the Japanese manager I was dealing with was singing Hotel California, and a drunk Japanese guy who barely spoke English could. The problem was, he thought he was one of the Eagles.

 And I was up next. 

I gave a spirited rendition of My Way,  which seemed to be a crowd-pleaser. My Japanese companions gave me several resounding slaps on the back and directed more than a few drinks my way (I was drinking iced tea, unlike our hosts). 

The next morning, as we walked into the conference room for our final meeting, I got a standing round of applause from my new Japanese friends.

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And a two-year consulting contract. 

This is what we told them about over the next two years.


Where is the company headed? Company leaders must see where the company should be headed and how they plan to get the company there. We’re not talking about making quarterly profit goals or operating expenses coming under budget for the year. We recommend that our clients map out a vision for the next three to five years (preferably closer to five) where they see the company going.

Indeed, for some clients, we suggest they develop a vision for ten years of where they see the organization headed. 


Once they set the vision, leaders must ensure that employees across all company levels have the skills to realize it

Rewards/ Incentives

Leaders must also align their system of rewarding employees and using incentives to motivate the workforce. 

And remember, if you reward bad behavior, employees will repeatedly engage in that behavior, which will be to the organization’s detriment.

Instead, companies must set up a system of rewards and incentives that will encourage employees to be productive and work to achieve the company’s vision.  


Leaders must also provide the workforce with the resources necessary to meet organizational goals and benchmarks. This means the company must have enough employees, specially trained employees when necessary, competitive compensation, proper equipment, and modern facilities. 

Action Plan

Lastly, the organization needs to put in an action plan. The plan should set forth how the company will realize its vision. 

They should share the plan with every person in the company, from the cleaning staff to every C – suite level executive. Leaders and managers should regularly communicate among themselves and with the workforce so every person in the company knows how well (or not) the company is progressing towards its vision.

Jesus (Jes) Vargas is the Principal at DPMG Corp in Sacramento, CA. Jes and his team consult, coach, and mentor business leaders in strategic planning, leadership development, and project management. 

They’re ready to help clients plan a new product or fine-tune an existing marketing strategy. 

Or create a vision of where your organization should be in five years.

If you are concerned about the culture in your company, Jes can help you create a new one or improve the one you have. Call Jes at 916 712 6145. Or you can email him here.