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September 15, 2022
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January 18, 2023

The Secret Weapon Behind Companies “Built to Last”

One thing we look at when a consulting client hires us is the predominant generation in the organization. Older workers (“baby boomers”) are used to working in organizations with a “top-down” model of management. C-level executives make decisions and filter them down to managers and team leaders to be acted upon by the workers.

Not so with younger workers.  

Rather, they want to be part of the decision-making process. They are eager to give input on new products, marketing strategies, or sales initiatives. 

They want their opinions to be heard and valued. In this manner, they take partial ownership of the work being done. Additionally, they feel more integrated into the organization. They want to contribute to the organization and create value for themselves and their coworkers. 

One result? These employees are happy. And happy employees don’t leave. Of course, money is important too. But most people leave their employer because they don’t like their bosses. In this model, however, workers are part of the decision-making process with their bosses.

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Over time, those contented workers move up the ladder within the organization. They become a “core team” who can replace team leaders and managers as they retire or leave the company.

Continuity and low turnover among employees are good for any business.

We have another “secret weapon” that we tell clients to use.

You can call it leadership development, but it’s not quite that. Leadership development is training people how to lead, and how to manage other people. Rather than develop leadership skills, we prefer to develop the individual. We get them to think globally. We help them expand their vision beyond themselves and even beyond the organization. 

Jesus (Jes) Vargas is the Principal at DPMG Corp in Sacramento, CA. Jes and his team consult, coach, and mentor business leaders in strategic planning, leadership development, and project management. They’re ready to plan a new product or fine-tune an existing marketing strategy. If you are concerned about the culture in your company, Jes can help you create a new one or improve the one you have. Call Jes at 916 712 6145. Or you can email him here.