The New Normal: Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World
May 9, 2024
The New Normal: Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World
May 9, 2024

From Start-Up to Success: Strategies for Success in Young Companies

As a business leadership consultant, I’ve had the privilege of working with various clients, including start-up companies with young and relatively inexperienced executives. I’m currently collaborating with two such clients, exhibiting remarkable growth potential.

The leadership teams in these companies are predominantly under 50, with some members even under 40. Despite their youth, they’ve achieved significant success, rapidly scaling their businesses from small beginnings to substantial market players. However, with rapid growth comes unique challenges, especially for leaders navigating uncharted territories.

One common challenge these young leaders face is the lack of experience managing such rapid expansion. While many have held positions in other companies, they’ve never encountered growth of this magnitude. Consequently, they find themselves in unfamiliar waters, seeking guidance on navigating their companies to the next level.

Our role as consultants is to provide strategic guidance and leadership development support. We assist these executives in articulating their vision, devising strategic plans, and fostering cohesive teamwork among their teams. Crucially, we emphasize the importance of leadership development, instilling in them that true leadership is about empowering and developing others.

We help them realize that leadership is not merely about giving orders but nurturing their team members’ talents and potential. They can ensure sustained growth and success by focusing on developing the next generation of leaders within their organizations.

Remember the Mexican street vendors I talked about in an earlier newsletter? To use a culinary analogy, these companies possess the raw ingredients for success. However, they need guidance and development to add the right seasoning and flavor to their leadership practices. We aim to help them refine their leadership skills, enabling them to create a culture of empowerment and continuous growth within their organizations.

Ultimately, our approach revolves around believing that effective leadership is about creating more leaders, not followers. By instilling this principle, we empower our clients to drive lasting impact and success in their businesses.

The Future Is Now

Jesus (Jes) Vargas is the Principal at DPMG Corp in Sacramento, CA. He and his team consult, coach, and mentor business leaders in strategic planning, leadership development, and project management.

They’re ready to help clients plan a new product or fine-tune an existing marketing strategy.